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About IVF Success Rates in Seattle

If you are considering IVF in the Seattle area, there are many factors to evaluate prior to making a treatment decision. One mportant point you should consider is the IVF success rate for the clinic where you are considering treatment.

By federal law, all certified IVF laboratories in Seattle are required to submit their IVF success rates on an annual basis to the Center for Disease Control. If you are considering treatment at a fertility clinic in Seattle that does not publish their results to the CDC, you should definitely ask why they do not follow this regulatory obligation. The CDC requires this reporting because, in the past, clinics have inflated their success numbers to attract patients.

The CDC publishes IVF success rates for individual clinics with the disclaimer that "consumers should carefully examine all related financial, psychological, and medical issues before beginning treatment.

We agree that the raw statistics do not, in themselves, indicate which clinic may be best for a specific patient. However we feel that this data should at least be considered in all cases. You can start by viewing the best IVF clinics in Seattle.

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